First model I made in Cinema 4D - it isn’t a perfectly accurate TARDIS but it proved to be a fun learning curve for modelling objects.

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(I had to break it down because it was 5000px long!)

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I wanted to create a complete kinetic typographic piece that retained a certain amount of elegance in the motion and typography design elements. Kinetic typography tends to be more active and fast-paced than what I wanted to create - it still has an element of this activity but its slower and intends to be more representative of the audio bite.
I also have a big love for Peter Capaldi and his voice.
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This was an entry to Triple Js Cut to the Beat Music Video Competition. Music is Jinja Safari - Mombassa on the Line.

My video has two core influences - first the simplicity and beauty of the Indigenous Australian dot paintings and second the patterns and colours from the national dress for women in Uganda - The Gomesi. Marrying these two styles creates a unique but familiar aesthetic that reflects the tone of the music rather than the lyrics. I’ve recreated the uplifting feeling of the music and the colourful nature of the beats through imagery and the motion of the animation.
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This video was created based on the initial brief of telling a story through a limited number of frames. This story is a horror piece set in a hospital - it centres around the ill effects of anaesthesia. There is supposed to be an ambiguity about whether the events of the nightmare were real or imagined - however I went with a more vivid and other worldly style for the surgeons.

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All frames for my upcoming animation - hesitantly titled Psychotominesis.

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My finished four frames for Design Narratives.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put up the animation soon.

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I’m working on some frames for my design narratives class. This is just a WIP gif of my second frame.

The project limits us to 4 frames for the total narrative but I want to create an animation using the final frames and might end up drawing some more for structure.

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